Farts And Flatulence — dealing with excess gas

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Welcome to Flatulence Solutions — a site dedicated to helping people deal with, well… farts.  I can be polite and call it breaking wind or passing gas, but farting is what it is. My goal here is to research and present as many ways as possible to both reduce flatulence and to find ways of dealing with breaking wind — especially those smelly farts.
Excessive Flatulence and Smelly Farts
I’ve done some digging and discovered a lot of unique ways to deal with excessive flatulence – from charcoal tablets that can eliminate the smell before the gas is released, to fart filtering underwear that neutralizes the stink after it exits the “basement door” but before it leaves your pants.

I also get asked how to relieve gas, so I’m including a lot of material on that as well.  One surprising way is through yoga.  Then again if you’re afraid of farting in yoga class, I can give you some great tips on reducing the amount of flatulence your body produces.

And for everyone from 4 to 94 that asks ”what is a fart?” or, even worse “why do my farts smell so bad?”, we’ve explained the science behind where excess gas comes from, how your body produces it, and what you can do to reduce it.

And note that I’m only getting started here.  I’m going to continue researching, adding tips, recommending products, and sharing advice.  If you frequently feel gassy, you may want to bookmark this page and check back occasionally.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you find something that helps!