Activated Charcoal for Excess Gas

Charcoal capsules may be one of the best ways to get quick results when dealing with flatulence and smelly farts.  Following is a brief explanation of what it is and what it can do for intestinal gas.

How Does Activated Charcoal Work?

The secret behind activated charcoal is how porous it is.  It’s filled with millions and millions of tiny pores, which increases the surface area and its ability to absorb toxins, impurities, and excess gas.  One teaspoon of activated carbon can have the same surface area as a football field!  That’s why the thin, discreet layer in fart filtering underwear can remove the smell when you break wind.

How Do They Make Food Grade Carbon?

Activated carbon is usually made from wood, bamboo, or even coconut shells that gets surrounded by an inert gas, such as nitrogen, super-heated, then hit with steam, oxygen, or carbon dioxide.

The USP, or food grade variety is odorless, and relatively tasteless, making it quite easy to take.  When used to treat flatulence or smelly farts, you can choose from activated charcoal in powder form, granules, tablets, and capsules.  The most popular method is capsules.

When taking activated charcoal, no matter what form you’re using, always take it with a large glass of water, and about two hours before or after eating to get the maximum effect.  By taking the carbon on an empty stomach, you get it to the intestinal track faster, where you want it to most of its fart prevention work.

Treating Excess Gas and Smelly Farts

You’ve probably asked yourself more than once, “why do my farts smell so bad?”  The average fart is made up mostly of odorless gas.  However, some farts contain sulfites (sulfur, hydrogen sulphide, etc) which smell like rotten eggs.

When you treat yourself with food grade activated charcoal, it moves through your digestive system and absorbs impurities – most importantly those sulfites that smell like they’re about to peel the paint off the wall.

It’s generally not recommended to treat excess intestinal gas with carbon on a frequent or on-going basis.  If you feel that you are getting definite benefits, check with your doctor to see if this is the right way to continue treating your flatulence or smelly farts.

Take note… when you start treating your flatulence with activated charcoal, remember that your body doesn’t absorb any of it.  That means it’s all going to come out the other end, turning your poop gray or black.

You also need to remember that, because it’s extremely effective at absorbing, activated charcoal can hinder the effects of any medication you take.  Follow the instructions and dosages carefully, and consult with your doctor to see if there will be any negative effects.

As mentioned earlier, when taken for flatulence, activated charcoal should be taken with a large glass of water.  It can also help to have another glass of water about 15 minutes later.  To ensure an empty stomach, take the activated charcoal about two hours before or after a meal.

If you tend to experience excess gas in the evenings, try taking the activated charcoal halfway between breakfast and lunch.  If you have too much flatulence in the morning, a good time to try the carbon is just before bedtime.

Be aware that activated charcoal is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women or young children.

Food grade carbon may also cause or worsen constipation, which is why it’s important to take it with lots of water.