Deoest Fart Filtering Underwear

When it comes to fart filtering underwear, Shreddies is, perhaps, the most well-known brand, but there is  a  Japanese textile manufacturer that has developed a line of flatulence underpants that neutralizes smelly farts without resorting to chemicals or perfumes — and its extremely effective.

Fart Filtering Underwear That’s 95% Effective

According to tests, the Deoest line of underwear for men and women eliminates excessive gas odors by over 95%.

Creative JPN Deoest Deodorizing Underwear Women’s Shorts (M, Black)

According to the Mainichi Newspaper, the Deoest inventore analyzed flatulence and came up with a solution that relies on a deodorizing fabric made with a ceramic material.  The material has miniscule pores that can deal with fart odors while hold up to regular washing.  This is different from Shreddies underwear that has a thin filter layer of activated charcoal built-in.

The ceramic material is actually attached to the fart Filtering Underwear fiber after reducing it to nanoscopic size. As an added benefit – because the odor absorbing technology is built-in to the entire pair of underwear, it also helps with sweat and urine odors.

A spokeswoman for Seiren, the developer of Deoest Underwear, said “At first we thought about selling them to those who require nursing care and to hospitals, but to our surprise, lots of ordinary people, like businessmen who are in positions that require them to see people on a daily basis, bought them.”

Deoest Fart Filtering Underwear is sold as a boxer brief and long johns, in simple colors such as white, grey, and black.

In addition to being comfortable – and indistinguishable from regular underwear – Deoest underpants quickly neutralizes smelly farts so effectively, you no longer need to hold them in, regardless of the people around you.

Creative JPN Deoest Deodorizing Underwear Women’s Shorts