Does Fart Filtering Underwear Really Work?

Fart filtering underwear?  Sounds like the perfect thing for breaking wind in a crowded elevator… passing gas in the car… excessive flatulence under the blanket.  Farts are a natural and unavoidable part of life, but it’s hard for anyone to say the word fart without smiling or giggling – which is unfortunate, because breaking wind is a serious problem for many people.

So, if you can’t stop the flatulence, can you neutralize the smell?  Shreddies, one of the manufacturers of fart filtering underwear think they have the solution.  For the most part, these flatulence-absorbing panties and tighty whities have built-in charcoal pads or layers for dealing with odors.  And no, snuggling a charcoal briquette between your cheeks won’t accomplish the same thing – and may be dangerous considering the methane being put out.  The charcoal used in this type of odor-control underwear is actually activated carbon – a common filtering agent for a number of purposes.

But back to the fart filtering underwear!  It’s been said that the average person fires gas out the body’s back door about a dozen times a day.  That doesn’t seem too bad, until a silent but deadly sulfur ninja sneaks out the same time someone drops by your work cubicle for a chat.

And the farting rate can climb if you suffer from things like irritable bowel syndrome, or really enjoy your beans and cabbage.

But does fart filtering underwear really work?  The only way to really know is for people to try them in real life and report the results.  These brave (or perhaps desperate) sufferers of excessive gas were willing to test these undies face-to-face – or is that face-to-butt – surrounded by people.

The results?   Here’s what real people had to say about living in the real world while wearing one particular brand of fart absorbing undergarments known as Shreddies.

“I am thoroughly satisfied and can unequivocally state that “they work!”
Isaac E, Idaho USA

“I Just wanted to say, your underwear has literally changed my life. In a matter of seconds, my one and only real problem was eliminated.”
Maria K,Bath UK

“They work perfectly… Thanks again!”
David L, London UK

“I am really pleased with them they are great. They really do work.”
Josh W, Croydon UK

Here is a longer, first-hand review of Shreddies Flatulence Absorbing Underwear.

There’s also another brand of flatulence filtering underwear named Deoest that uses different technology but with the same results.

So they work!  How do they look?  Fart absorbing underwear comes in enough styles, sizes, and colors to suit just about anyone, and the variety is increasing.  One thing to note though, odor fighting undies need to be snug… so it’s harder to find them in boxers.  This makes sense though, since you don’t want any farts sneaking around the activated carbon filter.

And finally another fart filtering underwear article.

So whatever is causing your flatulence, fart filtering underwear is a proven solution to avoiding awkward social situations, and giving you a little added assurance and a lot more confidence when dealing with people in tight quarters.