Video Reviews of Fart Filtering Underwear

Three’s a lot of information about fart filtering underwear on the Internet.  Unfortunately the majority of it is poking fun at people who suffer from excess gas.  For those who have a serious problem with flatulence, this type of filtering garment can be an important way to function with confidence in public situations.

To give you a better idea of what this type of underwear can do when you break wind, the video below has product representatives as well as first-hand opinions from reporters and test subjects.

The secret to these fart absorbing undies is a thin layer of activated carbon.  When you pass gas, it passes through this filter and the sulfur-based parts of the flatulence — the parts that create the smell — are captured and deodorized.

The science behind the odor removal is sound, and actual fart tests prove it works.

We hope the following video gives you even more information and opinions to work with as you search for solutions to flatulence.