Yoga For Gas Relief

Can yoga help you deal with excessive farting?  Yes and no.  A healthy body will, of course, have a healthier digestion system which might reduce flatulence to an extent – but everyone farts.  However yoga for gas relief is something worth pursuing.

The word flatulence comes from “flatus” the mixture of gas that develops in your digestive system.  This excess gas — when it doesn’t get released as a fart — can cause discomfort and pain due to bloating.  And, of course, too much farting can cause embarrassment in social situations.  Even if you happen to be using and enjoying the latest technology, such as fart filtering underwear, there’s still the noise issue.

Please note, in the author’s opinion, yoga is not a mystical, spiritual, or paranormal activity that frees up blocked energies, etc. – simply a set routine of exercises with an emphasis on stretching.  Yoga is also an activity that can strengthen important muscles involved in digestion, and can help relieve flatulence-related bloating and reduce farting or, at least help you fart in more controlled situations.  In fact, it works so well that a lot of people fear farting in yoga classes.

You may find it beneficial to do some of the yoga exercises below for gas relief before heading off to work or that family reunion – allowing you to fart in private instead of in group situations.

Pavanmuktasana means freedom from air and, as the name suggests, can be helpful with gas related problems of the stomach.

Lie down on yoFart Yoga Pavanmuktasanaur back and bring your right knee to your chest. Interlock the fingers of both hand on top of the knee to keep it on your chest.  Now lift your head and try to touch your knee with your nose. Hold your breath and remain in this position for 10 to 20 seconds and then relax and straighten your leg.

Repeat the above with your left knee.

Repeat the above with both knees held to the chest and try to place your nose between your knees.

Repeat all of the above steps three or four times.  Feeling the flatulence floating out yet?

Halasana helps make the spine more flexible. Halasana also improves the strength of the muscles and nerves of the spine, is an effective waist exercise, and massages the digestive system to ease flatulence issues.Fart Yoga Halasana

Lie flat on your back with your legs and feet together, arms at your sides, with hands beside the thighs.

Keep your legs straight, inhale slowly, and raise your legs to 30-degrees, 60-degrees and 90-degrees with a pause at each stage.

While exhaling push your legs further over, above your head and then continue until they touch the floor without bending your  knees.

Stretch your legs as far as possible so that your chin presses tightly against your chest.

Then raise your hands and try to hold the toes, and hold that position anywhere from a few seconds to three minutes — depending on your ability and comfort level – breathing normally.

Finish by slowly going through the above steps in the reverse order.

Dhanurasana is a yoga position strengthens the abdominal organs, and provide relief for constipation and excess flatulence.

Lie face down with youFart Yoga Dhanurasanar arms extended alongside your body and your legs straight out.

Bend your legs at the knees, bringing them forward so you can grab your ankles firmly with your hands.

While inhaling, stretch your legs backwards and raise your thighs, chest and head off the ground at the same time. Your arms should be straight, and the weight of your  b
ody should be on the navel. Knees should be kept close, and the position should be held for a few seconds while holding your breath.

Release your breath and any farts that may be waiting to leave the premises.

The happy baby yoga pose is great for gas relief.Fart Yoga Happy Baby

Lie on your back and, while exhaling, bend your knees into your belly.

As you inhale, grab the outside of your feet with your hands.  A belt looped over each foot can help if you have difficulty reaching your feet with your hands.  Spread your knees a little wider than your torso, and move them toward your armpits.

Place each ankle directly over its respective knee so that  your shins are perpendicular to the floor. Gently push your feet into your hands – or the looped belts — as you pull your hands down to create  resistance.

Move your thighs toward your body and the floor as you stretch the spine.

Hold the position half a minute to a minute, then bring your feet back to the floor as you exhale.

Now, as mentioned above, some people are afraid to attend yoga or exercise classes because they’re afraid of passing gas during the class.  First of all, farts natural and they happen to everyone.  Secondly, if you can put up with the fact that you’ll still make a little noise, you can at least eliminate the smell during yoga with fart filtering underwear.

The flatulence absorbing undies are snug and discrete and impossible to detect, and the activated carbon – or charcoal filter layer – doesn’t just mask the smell… it removes it completely.